MEID Numbering Assignment Administration

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Request Login

Please select the Request type and provide the information required.
If you don’t know the exact “Registered Company” or “Registered Contact” information select “New Company and New Contact” option or contact the Administrator and

Select the type that applies to you from the drop down. It is important to input the exact name of the Registered Company and/or Contact in order to be validated by the database. If you don't know the "exact" information, then select “New Company and New Contact” option. After sending your request, check your email for confirmation of request receipt. When the MEID Administrator reviews and validates your information;
    a) if it is approved you will be sent an email with a temporary password,
    b) if it is not approved, you will be informed with further instructions.
If you already have an approved Login Request with a pending temporary password, but try to request a login again, the MEID db system will display an error stating; xxxxxxx is already in the DB. If you can’t find your email with the password, then go to “Forgot Password”.

Environment: staging - - ColdFusion Server 2023,0,08,330668